How to pay in seconds with Wise APP? (Credit card supported)

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98% Shebag customers pay their order by Wise, let us have a look how they make it in seconds.

(Tips: Please do not mention any brand info during payment, such as LV, Dior……)

How to Pay with Wise in seconds? 

Step 0: Go to Wise

Step 1: Choose Currency: CNY

Step 2: Someone else

Step 3: Choose Unionpay Card (The left one)

Step 4: Enter Email: [email protected]

Step 5: Enter Name:  YANG SHANHONG

Step 6: Enter Card No.:  6217001270021832151

Transfer Reason: To family

(Recipient Address: Country: China, City: Dongguan, Address: Tongshazhen , Post code: 523000)

Please comment your order NO. during transfer.

Please Whatsapp me or email me ([email protected]) with transfer screen shot after payment, will send your bag soon.

Instant Service at Whatsapp

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Most of our customer use Wise payment (Big Listed Company, Credit card supported), without transfer fee, easy and fast, moreover, we have 5% off extra discount of paying in Wise.

We also have so many youtube reviews (see below links), we are different with the social media small sellers without official website. That is why over 10000+ repeat customers trust us.

Why we choose Wise payment?

As we have over 8000+ repeat customers, we have to find the most cheap way to transfer money, and we find it, it is Wisecredit card supported, easy, fast, without transfer fee, and with extra 5% off. 

Wise a public listed company as Google and MicroSoft, and under regulate by law.


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